Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On being a gamer dad

I love having kids that are gamers, now, if they weren't gamers I'd still love them just as much, But having kids who game is EPIC! There's nothing like sitting down with a new rule system and bringing the game to life for your family.

Gaming helps with so many things, from vocabulary and math skills, to imagination and creative writing. RPG/Fantasy novels while not heaving reading can be gateway novels to classics. Sean started reading Dragonlance when he was 10, but has now read two of the three Lord of the Rings novels. Ian who used to hate reading now is an avid reader.

I remember being a geek before I started gaming, I was a big sufferer from ADD, so my frustration levels often caused me to cry, which lead to 'crybaby' and worse admonishments from my peers in elementary school. I even remember being chased around the school by a bunch of bullying kids in like 3rd grade, before I ran face first into a pole. Glad the schools these days don't let that happen any more.

Anyway, I wish I was able to sit down and game with the kids every night, but getting home at 6:15 isn't really conducive to that schedule, especially with school coming up again.

Another aspect of gamer dadism falls under wargaming...and painting miniatures. The boys put the first coats on their Malifaux miniatures last night, and hopefully they listened to the lessons given. Once they finish their first pieces (Dr. McMourning for Sean and The Ice Golem for Ian), I will post pics for all to see.

The only problem with being a gamer dad is that it will end when they move out...