Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Far West Edges & Wuxia

So Gareth Michael Skarka set over chapters 4 & 5 of Far West. These two chapters cover Edges and Kung Fu styles.

Edges feel familiar as well, similar to d20 feats/class abilities or edges of Savage Worlds, they allow you to create a classless character. For example you start with 6 edges at Novice, and can gain more during play. One edge that looks very familiar is of course, Evasion, which emulate improved evasion on a successful REF save. Other edges that might look familiar but operate differently are dodge, and improve critical. With 56 current edges, I'm sure their might be more when it goes to printing, this makes character creation have some depth. For those interested in having a Kung Fu fighter, the path is simple, one of your edges is Martial Training.

The kung fu styles are built, ala carte from a list, at a minimum the style will cost 1 spirit to drop into the style, and has a plethora of choices when building a style. Fircst choose a damage, then stunt ability modifier, combat bonus, weapons & armor, bonus edges available while you're in the style, flaws, invulnerability, maneuvers, saves, side effects and specials. Total up the spirit costs, and give it a name. Want another kung fu style? Grab the Martial Training edge again.

It appears to be a robust and balanced system, very nice..

More to come when I get more chapters (after GenCon, because GMS & crew are heading to Indy.)