Saturday, August 4, 2012

Far West First Thoughts (part 1)

"Civilization must be protected from the Barbarians, and to do that, somebody has
to pick up The Gun. However, if you pick up The Gun, you become a Barbarian."

So far from reading the manuscript of Far West, it feels very familiar. It feels like a d20 systems, using a d20 (blarg) , DCs, and attributes (using the same modifiers as OGL as well), but also but also pulls some of the best ideas from FATE, with aspects and stunts. The attributes are very similar to d20 systems, using Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wits (taking the place of both INT/WIS) and Charisma. This will make teaching the game to new people VERY easy, a great move.

It also has a slight Savage Worlds feel by using 'heroic ranks' of Novice, Initiate, Master and Legend. Of course the Far West ones feel a bit more wuxia already. Players are 'clever folk', those that don't fall under the heading of normal. (This makes me think of the 10th Doctor..."BECAUSE I'M CLEVER!!!"). These rank bonuses add a set bonus to everything you do.

Skills are covered under Areas of Knowledge (AOK), which is determined by Wits. By having an area of knowledge, you add your RANK to the skill checks a second time. So if you're at a +2 because you're a novice, but it's in an AOK, you get to add an additional +2. A Legendary character's bonus is +8, so an AOK skill has a +16, so go ahead and leap over that gulch.

Aspects, Stunts, backgrounds, occupations all round out the first part of the manuscript, and so far this may end up being my favorite system ever.

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