Saturday, August 18, 2012

GenCon Announcements - ENnie Winners list.

Here's the list of all the Ennie Winners! Congrats to the Winners and to those nominated, what an honor!
Cool that some of the stuff I voted for got gold, lots of stuff I voted for didn't, but hey that's what voting is about. Paizo walked away with 9 out of 10 awards, 6 of them golds.

Best Adventure
Best Aid/Accessory
Best Art, Cover
Best Art, Interior
Best Blog
Best Cartography
Best Electronic Book
Best Free Product
Best Game
Best Miniatures Product
Best Monster/Adversary
Best Podcast
Best Production Values
Best RPG Related Product
Best Rules
Best Setting
Best Supplement
Best Website
Best Writing
Product of the Year
Fan’s Favorite Publisher
Judges’ Spotlight Award