Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kickstarter projects of note

So lots of interesting Kickstarters are up for funding currently. I love Kickstarter, I hope to one day run a Kickstarter for Moderne Worlds of 2039. Also just found out about the which is a pledge  system for successfully Kickstarted projects to give back to the community, by kickstarting projects with a percentage of profits.

This first Kickstarter: Wild Card Creator for Savage Worlds is pledging 5% of profits to fund future kickstarter projects.


Monte Cook has a Sci-Fantasy RPG he's going to make: Numenera

Louis Porter Jr. Has reached funding levels with his Obsidian Apocalypse setting, but 18 days remain for additional funding.


An interesting concept, a PDF module that is much more (probably using layering and other adobe tools). Just wish it had an actual name.

Here's a neat one for the ICONS rpg Stark City