Friday, August 17, 2012

GenCon Announcements Day 2

Super Dungeon Explore Caverns of Roxor expansions dropped at GenCon

After listening to This Just in from GenCon Friday night edition:

From what Shane Hensley said, the Hell on Earth - Reloaded (the Savage Worlds edition is) nearly sold out on day 2. Pretty epic. And the Explorer's edition of SW Deluxe is selling well...the $10 pocket edition...awesome! Shane Also said that Cartoon Network basically squashed a pitch for an Adventure Time RPG, because they wanted a couple more 00s on the end of the license...thanks a lot Cartoon Network...

The Iron Kingdoms RPG Sold out on Thursday!! That's pretty Epic!!!

White Wolf games have licensed some of the White Wolf products out, so a lot of the OOP editions will be coming back to the shelves again.

The NetRunner reprint sold out already

Eastern Front Studios is now the official miniature producer for Kobold Quarterly starting with their Midgard line of miniatures, more official news to follow at Gencon this week from Wolfgang Baur owner of KQ.

Of course the big news is that the Ennies are happening, and I'll have a full post of all the winners tomorrow.