Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pathfinder Edition Earthdawn Player's Guide

I mentioned in a thread a while back that Earthdawn is coming to Pathfinder, well here's the official announcement for pre-order!!!

Pathfinder Earthdawn Player's Guide pre-order (at up to 25% off the regular price for the pre-order; wow!)

RedBrick LLC is proud to announce its first release for the Earthdawn Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition line—the Earthdawn® Player's Guide!

For years humanity huddled in underground kaers, as the astral beings known as the Horrors ravaged the land in an orgy of terror and destruction. Now the dark age of the Scourge has passed, and elves, orks, trolls, dwarfs, and humans, alongside wondrous races such as the lizardlike t’skrang, the earthen obsidimen, and the mischievous windlings emerge to explore a world that teems with strange creatures, lost cities, long-forgotten treasures, and indescribable wonders; a world where the very earth and sky vibrate with powerful arcane energies, manipulated by the disciplined minds of Adepts.

Suitable for both players and Game Masters, this 276-page core rulebook is the first introduction to this exciting campaign world and contains information on the game's core setting—the province of Barsaive; game mechanics for the 8 core races; rules for being an Adept; an in-depth exploration of the 15 core Disciplines; new feats, skills, spells, and equipment; and information on the 12 Passions.

Set for a mid-April general release, the Earthdawn® Player's Guide is now available for pre-order for a limited time at special pricing—but ONLY from the RedBrick Shop! Join the brave souls of Barsaive in reclaiming their realm from the remaining Horrors while protecting it from the return of the oppressive Theran Empire. Discover the world of Earthdawn®, the Age of Legend.

Earthdawn® Player's Guide™
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition Core Rulebook
Published by RedBrick LLC
Format: 276 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", B+W Interior