Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 3, end of Anime Conji 3

So, day 3 of Anime Conji.

The End of Anime Conji, we started out with the Japanese Mythology, as presented by Dr. Anime of Gigaventure. Here's a selection of books, that Dr. Anime recommends when it comes to Yokai....and  Japanese Mythologies. While some minor technical difficulties robbed us of the projector, we persevered and got closer (I know, scary on Day 3) to see the presentation on the laptop.

We headed up to the Video Game room, but the Table Top room wasn't open yet, got to play some Super Smash Bros, Pinball and some Soul Calibre V! I was a little bummed the Table-Top game room wasn't open since we wanted to play some Dominion together.

We also went to the Propping Up panel by Tadao Tomomatsu (actor, comedian and cosplayer), to get a few tips on creating props for costumes, from the L0 prop (basically a painted out of the box squirtgun) to L1 to L4 (from extensive mod to simple fabrication). We stuck around and talked to Tadao for a little while while he packed up, at one point, things got "out of hand". Great guy, great panel, great tips!

Here's some other costumes from the day!


Yeah....her's IS bigger

Angelic Halo

She spent a lot of time on camera today...

Seeing Double....double dollar rewards...

Some Vash details

Ryan & Bianca plus's ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Your Money or your life...

"What color hair tomorrow?"


Where's the Avatar?


Simple yet cool

It was COLD and windy for this shot...can you tell?

Yes, this is someone's costume...complete with boom-box

Peace Bonded wasn't they're giving you balloon weapons...

Super Simple

The costumes look simple...

Pokemon, I choose...uh....which one is this Sean?
Emolga he says...

Gimme your best Troll-face....whoa, that's perfect...

Green Lantern regenerated into the Doctor again!

Security brought to you by Umbrella we're in real trouble...

More Street Fighter!

Nice Costume

Costume Malfunction...but nice costumes none the less

Last pic of the con for us...