Wednesday, March 7, 2012

News - State of the Hat

It's Old news, cuz I missed it at the end of the year.

Highlights I'm looking forward to:

Dresden Files
The Paranet Papers: This has been one of the “big dog” projects since the Dresden Files RPG launched.The Paranet Papers is part system update and setting catch-up (getting us mostly current into the beginning bits of Ghost Story), part campaign starter kit. That latter part is being addressed by us cracking up the city creation mold a bit and looking at six different “cities” that do it a little differently, all viewed in light of the fallout from Changes. Those locations: Las Vegas; the “Neverglades”; the open road (taking the Dresden Files in more of a Supernatural direction); the Russian Revolution; South America; and some of the “outlands” of the Nevernever.
DF Adventures: Fairly recently we got ink on a contract addendum that lets us do a handful of “for-pay” adventure arcs for the Dresden Files RPG. Previously we were only in the clear to do free web support typestuff, which is where our collection of one-shots for the Dresden Files (as well as a Fiasco scenario) came from. Now, we’re going to get to do some more ambitious stuff. We’ve got three such projects slated, and the option to do more. You’ll probably see these parcel out over the course of the next two years; at least one of them will include some new details about the Dresdenverse gathered straight from the Word of Jim.
Fate Core: This would be that new core Fate book that we’ve been promising folks since Spirit of the Century. We haven’t been burbling about this as much as we could over on, but that doesn’t mean the project’s on hold. Lenny is in straight up nose to the grindstone mode with this one; we’re hoping to have the full text to an editorial squad by February.

Check out more on Fred Hicks blog:

Having a Core FATE system is a nice idea, I do love FATE and having a generic system will be quite awesome, I hope it incorporates much of the Dresden Files RPG into the rules, while also expanding it.

Having some pre-made Dresden Files adventures to get people interested will be nice too, especially having ones beyond the one-sheets.