Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anime Conji Day 2 update

Epic Mario, David Gallagher, and Epic Luigi

Amazing Costume

Voice Acting Panel
Gundam Workshop Panel

Award Winning Gundam

Another Angle

And top view

Amigurumi Workshop

Amigurumi Workshop

Nice intricate Batman Costume

Before the half-time show at the Masquerade....

Getting ready for some Intrigue in Dominion...I won...nice

Settlers of Catan 

Gathering some relaxation

Lot more computers in the Lan Party today

A finished Amigurumi riceball...

A young trio of Cosplayers...
Come get some

You want some art?

Epic Sean with his new moustachio, since it fell off...

Another wonderful creation

Doctor Who changes into the Green Lantern!!

Assassin's Creed...

Link and Zelda

Big Blade and Bigger Fronds


Nerdcore from above

More Tabletop views


Another Angle

Rob Zombie as played by Dead Mau and friend

Raket and Dead Mau doing Dragula!

Even is that costume, Raket is rock'n those drums on expert

Epic Sean gets some Halo in

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Introducing the Masquerade

Raket and  Fantasee