Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Fridays - Dungeon Madness (Fellowship)

Here's a new installment of Fun Fridays Dungeon Madness....

   He  (past-tense verb)_________  forward and set his (body part)_________on the lowest step. But at that moment several things happened. (Name 1)_________ felt something seize him by the  (body part)_________ , and he fell with a (verb)_________. Bill the (noun)__________ gave a (adjective)_________ neigh of fear and turned tail and  (past-tense verb)_________  away along the (generic location)__________ in the darkness. (name 2)_________ leaped after him, and then hearing (Name 1)'s cry he ( past-tense verb)_________ back again,  (-ing verb)_________ and  (-ing verb)_________ . The others swung round and saw the  (plural noun)__________  of the lake  (-ing verb)_________ , as if a host of (noun)________ were  (-ing verb)_________  up from the (generic location)__________.