Friday, March 16, 2012

Anime Conji Artists!

Here's pictures of the artist's tables. Check out the artwork of these artists!! You might find something you like (there is some REALLY great artwork out there! Some of these artists probably won't even pay for their tables, but if it gets their name out there, and they make some'll be worth it.)

Also: Don't gank the nice artist's work by copying the picture, and resizing it, feed the starving artists!!!

Royally Divine - Larrisa Galarza
Sonjalee Holland
Kim Baerwaldt - SleepyPuppy Plushies
Michelle Vargas
Deanna Sulli
Random Sunshine - Venus Lumayag
Mylene Erpelo - Luna Dial
Chase the Bunny
Rosaleedhu - Maire Bourke
Mukei Royalty - Michelle Lai
Dave Strong
Horchata Crew
Secret Dreams Productions
Belen Lazer Designs - Cyril Belen

Sharon Shinn - Ami Amour 
Cat Nap Caps
Nicole Berlin &
Katelyn Hunt
Kimberlyann - Violatown
Kelly Bigalbal and Ian Goldner - Chasing the Frill
Bekah Wallis - Blondesnake Creations
Kim Stephenson
India Rose Atkinson or
Handz On Creations
Original Cin  &
Karlyl's Creations
Mary McLellan - Tirrivee
Kathy100 - &
her sister:Potatobuns -
I think this one is Vampire Maiden (it was really crowded)
Cuddly Capes
Gravity Doll - Shari Tague
Grim Raider (left)
Minor All Stars (right)
Lunanime -

Cheshire Customs - Kristin Chopel Cheshire Customs

Omid Maksoos -
Decazilla -
Neko Ninja Studios
Jennifer Yang -
Floyd Tran -
Nancy Yang -

Bianca Williams - Owl Depot
Allison Cluff -
Brittany Cook - Petite Cute Team
Neko Press Art Schools
'Zhivago' Fandom Fashions
Cassie Wilson
Alyx Rush - Kibanova
Additional Artists that I don't have pictures for
Eileen del Valle -
Asche Li -
Danni Michelle - The Bevineers  Strastizpekla@gmail
April Mazzocco -
Finni -