Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gaming Club (Epic Ian & Epic Sean's 1st Post)

Last year, at our middle school, we decided to create a gaming club. Our dad, Epic prime, suggested we start one, because we were already playing some games with the nerdiest teacher at the school, Mr. Schmid.

We started brainstorming more in depth this year. We first went to one of the principals, and she eventually approved. Now we have club meetings every Tuesday.

On the first meeting of the year, we were really surprised at the turn out of people, and we knew the club was going to go uphill from there. The first games we played were zombie dice and munchkin. Some other people were playing the Dungeons and dragons board game. We mostly play those, but had zombie dice donated by The Fanatical Gamers Society. [Epic Prime edit: This was donated the week before when FGS’s James came to the store and donated a Zombie Dice to the club.]

Last week’s meeting, FGS (Shaun, Gail and Paul). They brought Sword and Skulls, Warmachine (which Epic Sean played), and a Greek game called Pente, which was donated to the Gaming Club. Warmachine is a game of huge steam powered machines of great power, armed with hammers and axes, and warcasters with spells that could devastate cities.

For the next meetings we’re probably not going to have any special guests. Two other games we are going to be playing: Super Dungeon Explore, and Frag. Super Dungeon Explore is an awesome fantasy 8-bit boardgame, with valiant Chibi heroes and not as cute snickering kobolds. Frag is another video game turned board game and is all about killing… and winning.

So far, Gaming club is…EPIC! And hopefully it will stay that way.