Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Character

So one of the questions we always ask when we interview is "What is your favorite character."

To me character creation is one of the best parts of gaming. Whether it's in City of Heroes Online, or if it's for a D&D or Pathfinder game, I always try to create something special each and every time.

For example, my Chelish dwarf for Pathfinder Society. This character actually has -slag in his name because he was exiled from his homeland for crimes against his own people, he landed in Cheliax worshiping the Law side of Asmodeus' pantheon. The Kicker to make him interesting, he has Asmodeus' laws tattoed on him, all over him, I actually spent 20gp of his 150gp on tattoes, as part of his character.

I picked up running the Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign because I didn't want my character to just fall into oblivion. Not only was she one of Lamm's Lambs, she had fallen for another who had been slain because of her mistake, and she keeps a war razor as her keepsake from that fallen's very tragic, but powerful, her sense of justice channeled into an Inquisitor of Iomedae.

For our Family group for Pathfinder Society, we're going to run a Sczarni crime family. My character is the ringleader of course, an Oracle. His profession (Crimeboss). So between games he'll be raking in cash from nefarious sources, if he needs to use Knowledge (local) many times he'll be able to substitute his Profession.

I almost never optimize in my games, most times I'll have a 16 after mods in my primary stat, and several 14s. Except in rare instances will I dump stat down to 8, but only if it's in my characters backstory, the only character I've really made a dump stat for is my Chelish Monk, because he's cruel and vindictive, and it shows in his charisma.

My favorite character is all of them, because I put thought into each and every character. I try to breathe some life into them because, it's much easier to play them when you care about them. Now, if a character dies, I won't freak out, but I'll feel a sense of loss, is only a game after all.