Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic Online

So, the NDA has been lifted.

I can talk about it now, Old Republic has always been one of my favorite eras for Star Wars gaming. So this game definitely has appeal for me. I had to recreate my Smuggler, since my other one got caught in an old instance during the last beta. So I haven't gotten very far. Just stepping foot onto Coruscant, and I must say, BioWare did a good job, making it look like the Coruscant from KotOR!!

Game play is fairly simple, but not too simple. Jedi Knights leaping into battle, Sith Inquisitors blasting opponents with Force Lightning and Smugglers blasting opponents from cover. The game feels like Star Wars, it feels like Knights of the Old Republic (One of my favorite PC Games). It also has a single player feel to it. While I haven't gotten a ship yet, due to the level of the missions, I feel the shipboard life will be VERY similar to KotOR.

This looks to be a great game once it's released, though without being able to play the end game, I'm not sure how it will fare in the long run.