Friday, November 18, 2011

Amazing Resources

From the Yahoo Savage Worlds Group,  I ran across Das Spiel Unker, I'm reading through it's links, and find his PDF on Educational Game Resources, which in turn lead me to Junior General.

So primarily this is a site that uses war gaming to teach history through simulations. Scenarios are included, but there are dozens and dozens of free paper minis.  Also in the paper mini section are pose helper documents, so you can design your own minis using premade poses. (note: since these are all free and made by fans of the site; the quality varies, but for free, I wouldn't complain)

The reason I went to Das Spiel Unker was to check out the "Gun Deck" he created. This is a typical card deck used for Savage Worlds like a normal deck of cards, but on the faces, he has pictures and stats of 50 different rifles and pistols! A must have for any Deadlands Savage Worlds game.