Monday, September 5, 2011

Serpent Skull progress

We continued play under Sean this weekend. During our exploration we came across the "Golden Bow", We had our first taste of inexperienced GM...Sean thought that 6 skeletons would be too easy for 2 characters so he switched them out with Lacedons, which of course could have been disastrous, luckily Sean didn't quite understand how multiple attacks worked. so we avoided a first level party wipe!! My T-Rex did almost get taken down, but we ganged up on them, and the 3 paralysis rolls we had to make we all made.

So we had a 30 second day...since I had to use my heals on my dino. But it was fun, since I know how close to TPK we were (especially since we had left the others at the camp on the hill.)

EDIT: Oh and Sean was being quite descriptive in his game mastering, I was quite impressed.

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