Friday, September 2, 2011

Not much going on today...SPOILERS!!!

Not a lot going on today, so I'll just talk about Sean's first Game Mastering. Sean is learning how to GM. He's running Serpent's Skull for Ian and I.

I'm playing a Saurian Druid with a Medium T-Rex companion. Ian is playing a Zen Archer.

So far we've had the encounter on the beach, My Dino Druid killed both the scorps on the beach. When we went to the ship we made quick work of the scorp on there, gathered all the supplies and have now set up camp 1 about 4 miles south of the Jenni.

Sean isn't doing too bad for his first adventure, it's a pregen adventure so that makes it fairly easy. Trying to get him to read everything to be fully prepared. He's doing a decent job with the rules though.

I really enjoy letting him try to run the game, so I get to play.