Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gear Up Issue 4

I downloaded the Free GEAR UP #4 PDF by DreamPod9 from Drive-thru RPG.

I'm looking through it and I see something quite interesting...Heavy Gear ARENA. I liked the Heavy Gear rules more than Battletech, as I grew up with Battletech, but the games always took so long and usually came down to a lucky head shot rather than tactics. But I did like the Mechwarrior Arena Rules, they were fun. Now, Heavy Gear ARENA...I'd be really intere
sted in seeing how well it plays.

In the issue I also saw their new heavy tank, The Overlord. The Thing is HUGE. But for $125 (Canadian) it should be huge. Pretty nice model though.

I wonder if I could find someone in San Diego that is playing it.