Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is a review of the boardgame Party game, "FURT!" by WiggityBang Games:

FURT – Ages 13 & up / 3-8 players / 60 minutes to play

FURT is a befuzzling eruption of laughter in a box. It is a party game that defies logic and a reasonable explanation. You have to play to understand and when you do, you’ll laugh until your sides ache.
In this game players race to be the first INTO the mouth of a fiery volcano by completing actions from the six wacky-packed FURT categories. You might be making up outrageous lies about yourself. Freshening up with a quick shower in your host’s bathroom. Or acting out the words ‘butter patty.’

Perfect for: game nights, girls’ nights, family get-togethers, road trips to Vegas, frozen winter evenings in the Midwest, lazy days poolside, high school detention, prison riots, peace treaty talks, jury duty and any other gathering that could use a good laugh.

Availability: FURT is now available online and through select retailers.

Main Review: This is a great party game, we were laughing almost non-stop, the HotSpot spots were one of the most hilarious as we were constantly yelling out what the spots indicated. The game played quickly and we had a blast.

This is a turn based game. A color coded die is rolled, blue indicates one of the secret cards, which are pretty fun, though it would be better if the food related ones weren't in the deck, as it limits the number of places where the game can be played using the entire ruleset. The other colors indicate what part of the FURT! category card you read from.

BLUE this is the secret "What the?!" category, this can be a bluff, as you can say you completed the card, but others can challenge it. They can be really fun, or really annoying, or annoyingly fun.

BLACK the Volcano Has Spoken. This is a simple, read, then move (forward or backward)

RED is the straight-faced challenge. 30 seconds of trying to keep a straight face while verbally assaulted with the words from the volcano.

GREEN The Guess what challenge is really fun, you take from 1-3 funny words, then can either ACT, TALK or DRAW.

PURPLE Truth or Fiction, using the "example" question. Such as, "The last time I was at the airport I...." You have a truth/fiction token you hide the answer and reveal after everyone has guessed.

YELLOW "You are" This is one of my personal favorite categories, I particularly enjoyed being a Soccer Mom, explaining how Toe Jam and Doubloons helped save the day!

The final phase is the Volcano. Where you must survive the Straight Faced challenge. If you don't win, the others get to double move until they get to the Volcano as well.

Ages: The game is stated for 13+, the boys are about 12 and they played it fine. There are definitely things in here which are for more adult oriented minds.

Cost: This game retails for $29.95, pretty typical cost for a similar game.

The Verdict: For pure laughs this game is worth the money, though the "funny words" aren't die-cut, that doesn't matter as much, so this game is EPIC! Fun with a capital FURT!

Epic Sean says: "This was absolutely insanely awesome!"

Epic Ian says: "It's an awesome game, hardly anyone can keep a straight face!"

(Disclaimer: This game was provided for review)