Friday, September 9, 2011

Old School Gamma World

OoOoO  I was reading through some new (to me) RPG Blogs and came across

Unfortunately, Kellri appears to be gone on the blog (last post in 2009). But he left some fun stuff on the blog for some Old School Gamma World, and other games (though some of the links have died...) Here's a list of his downloads, though I'm not going to hotlink his links, visit his site.  So if you see soemthing cool, grab it before it's gone.

  • CDD#1 Statblock Reference.pdf

  • CDD#2 - Spells Reference.pdf

  • CDD#3 - Dungeon Geomorphs.pdf

  • CDD#4 - Encounters Reference.pdf

  • Old School Gamer's Puzzles.pdf

  • Old School Reading List 2008.pdf

  • GW_Scavenger's Field Guide.pdf

  • GW Wild in the Streets.pdf

  • GW Mutant Manual II.pdf

  • GW Underwater Gear

  • GW 100 Events

  • GW Cryptic Alliance Form

  • GW_Settlement Record Sheet

  • GW Random Settlement Generation

  • GW Equipment Spreadsheet

  • Weird Science.pdf

  • Scifi City Blocks.pdf

  • Fasa Trek Timeline v1.pdf

  • Fasa Trek Worlds.pdf

  • Fasa Trek WhosWho.pdf

  • WFRP Cathay.pdf