Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Epic Review - Ultimate Combat part 2.3 (archetypes)

Continuing the review of the archetypes of Ultimate Combat.


Gun Tank - The gun tank is the heavy armor gunslinger, Dwarves in Stone Plate come to mind. They gain heavy armor and tower shield proficiency. They have two gun tank alternate deeds, Gun Tank Resolve (1st level) and Gun Tank Resilience (15th level). They gain Bullet Deflection and Armor Training in lieu of nimble and the bonus feats gunslingers normally receive.

Musket Master - The musket master is a specialist in two handed firearms, they only gain proficiency in the two handed firearms, and must use feats to gain other firearm proficiencies.. They are masters of the quick reload with Rapid reload as a bonus feat at 1st level, and a 3rd level deed called Fast Musket, which allows a 2 handed firearm to be reloaded as a one handed firearm. They gain Musket Training instead of Firearm training.

Mysterious Stranger - A Charisma based gunslinger, excellent for multiclassed bards or sorcerers.  The focused aim deed at 1st granting them CHA damage bonus to their damage for grit.

Pistolero - The Pistolero is the one handed specialist, the counter to the Musket Master. Pistol training, instead of firearm training, and three of their own deeds, making them deadly shootists.


Inquisitions - These are alternates to normal domains. The first is the the Blackpowder Inquisistion, which obviously, grants gunsmithing and Exotic Proficiency (Firearms); and spellcasters hit must save or suffer Concentration penalties. (Not too bad, but not PFS legal unfortunately, so no Soloman Kane in PFS games).
The second is the Spellkiller, which gains Disruptive, and a bunch of bonuses.

Spellbreaker - With multiple types of bonuses, and spell breaking abilities that stack with Disruptive, this can be a powerful combination is combined with the Spellkiller Inquisition! As a capstone they gain immunity to 1 entire school of arcane magic, even granting the same spell immunity to all allies within 60 feet once per day, that can come in pretty handy, at the cost of Final Judgement, is it worth it? Perhaps, but sounds like a fun combo to try.

With Hunter - Ah the classic with hunter, complete with spell scent. Like the Witch Smeller Puissant, from Black Adder! They're adept at spellcraft, gaining their WIS as a bonus to identify spells, items and to decipher scrolls. Knowledgeable defense gives them bonuses to save versus identified spells. Their 14th level bane ability causes AC and save penalties against arcane casters.


19 new arcana begin the Magus entry with a bang.  Here's a quick summary:
Arcane Strike 9th (resolve all attacks as touch for the round) 2 pts
Arcane Cloak +INT stealth/bluff to hide checks. 1pt
Arcane Edge 9th INT bleed damage. 1pt
Arcane Redoubt Shield bonus affects touch AC also 1pt
-greater Shield bonus to REF saves, 1pt evasion 2pts, greater evasion 4pts
Bane Blade 1 add'l pt, add bane to weapon [This is an EXTREMELY good ability] 15th
Devoted Blade 1 add'l pt add alignment dmg  12th
Disruptive as the feat 6th
Enduring Blade 1 add'l pt, duration of arcane point powers becomes 1minute/level  6th
Ghost Blade 1 add'l pt, ghost touch obviously
Lingering Pain damage becomes lingering, forcing harder concentration to cast on the next rd; 1pt  (This is a great idea to add to wound rules if so inclined.)
Pool Strike, Arcing pool strike affects add'l enemies 1pt 12th
Pool Strike,Clinging pool strike does add'l half dmg following rd 9th 1pt
Pool Strike,Thunderous 1pt 6th pool strike deals sonic dmg & deafens 1 target....strange...should affect an area..
Prescient attack  1pt 6th immediate action after hitting to deny dex bonus to target until next rd.
Prescient Defense 1pt 9th immediate action after hitting to gain INT bonus to AC/REF.
Rod Mastery similar to wand mastery
Rod Wielder add INT bonus to break spell resistance.
Spellbreaker as the feat. 9th

The one Magus archetype continues the Asian themed alternates with the Kensai, or Sword Saint. Another archetype that drops a spell per level, this one also loses the armor spellcasting in favor of the duellist prestige class ability Canny Defense. They gain proficiency in all simple weapons plus a martial or exotic weapon of choice (how many people would actually choose a martial? In fact most I'm sure will choose the Katana.) Whether the increased combat abilities (Weapon Focus, Perfect Strike, Fighter training, and other abilities) can make up for the lack of BAB is an interesting question, I might actually try this one out soon.