Thursday, November 21, 2013

Machinations of the Space Princess - S3 conversion Part 3

Additional S3 baddies, in this one I tackle the Displacer Beast and the Phase Spiders

One thing I have to mention is that these conversions are always rough, they are being hammered from a freeform creation of the old school into a modular system of the OSR.

Void Strider XP 25 (Beast) 
Close Defense: 12
Ranged Defense: 12
Armour: 1d4
Hit Dice: 3 (14hp)
Initiative: +1
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 1/+1
Damage 1d4+poison
Saves: 5
Skills: Stealth 1, Climb 1
Selective Intangibility (see below)
Venomous (1d4)
Chitinous Shell (1d4 armor)

This was a Phase Spider

Selective Intangibility: The Void Strider can escape become intangible as an action, allowing it to attack, and escape quite easily.

Shadow Hunter XP 150 (Beast) 
Close Defense: 12
Ranged Defense: 14
Hit Dice: 6 (27hp)
Initiative: +1
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 2/+1
Damage 1d8 Natural
Saves: 5
Skills: Stealth 2
Predator Natural Weapons (1d8)
Pounce (15m leap)

This was the Displacer Beast Effectively I took the 'displacement' ability and translated it to a ranged defense increase.