Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kickstarter - Advanced Bestiary by Green Ronin Games

Green Ronin Games is bringing back the ADVANCED BESTIARY updated to the Pathfinder RPG Rulese with the Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter 

While I'm not actively playing Pathfinder, I'm backing it because it is the BEST book of the d20 era. I own all three of the books that Chris mentions below...great books one and all.
In 2005 Green Ronin Published the Advanced Bestiary for the d20 System. It was a monster book that took the idea of templates and ran with it. The Advanced Bestiary featured over 100 new templates and sample monsters built using them. It was a terrific toolkit and added value to every monster book GMs already owned. For years people have been asking us to do a Pathfinder version of the Advanced Bestiary and with your help, we are going to do it!  
The rules revisions are already well under way. The question is, what will the book’s final format be? We are starting with the assumption that the book will be a 264-page hardback with a black and white interior like the original, and that we’ll keep the book’s existing art. Really though, we want to give you a full color hardback with all new art! That’s built into the stretch goals of this Kickstarter, so the final format is up to you all!

You Can’t Eat Accolades! 

The Advanced Bestiary got great reviews as soon as it was released. This was in the later days of the d20 era, when it was harder to impress people and much harder to have a hit book. The critics loved it and sales were solid. Mission accomplished, right? Well, no, as it turned out. The Advanced Bestiary and two other titles (The Black Company and Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra) had the misfortune of coming out when our fulfillment company (Osseum Entertainment) was dying and stealing money from our sales to stay afloat. Those three big, expensive-to-print products all sold pretty well—and we saw not a dime of that money. We were, of course, still on the hook for all the associated bills: writing, editing, printing, art, etc. What should have been a triumph thus turned into a disaster. I remember figuring out at one point that for every dollar we paid the designer, Green Ronin lost three dollars. The “Osseum Debacle,” as we came to call it, nearly killed Green Ronin Publishing. We managed to survive though and slowly paid down all of our associated debts. 
The fact that the Advanced Bestiary became a cornerstone book for Pathfinder development has thus always been bitter sweet. We were certainly flattered that Paizo used the Advanced Bestiary in so many of its own books and we were glad players and GMs got so much use out of it. You can’t eat accolades though, so for years I had hoped we could bring this book back and actually turn a profit on it. 
Earlier this year we did a highly successful Pathfinder Kickstarter for our Freeport city setting. Last month I hired Owen K.C. Stephens to be our Pathfinder developer for Freeport and more. I believe now that the Stars are Right for the return of the Advanced Bestiary! Let’s make it happen, Pathfinder fans! 

The Stretch Goals 

As I mentioned, we want this book to be full color and featuring all new art. We’ve baked that into the stretch goals and we are revealing them all so you can see what we ultimately hope to achieve with this campaign. We are also keeping expansion of the book fairly limited by design because we want to have the finished product out to backers next July. The more we might add, the longer this would take, so we are capping the new material at 32 pages. Note, however, that there were originally five web enhancements to the Advanced Bestiary and we’ll be including all of those in the new book. 
$25,000: We will commission a new piece of cover art for the book. 
$30,000: We will add 16 pages of new content to the book. More templates! More monsters! 
$37,500: We will print the book in full color. 
$45,000: We will commission all new interior art for the book. 
$50,000: We will add another 16 pages of new content to the book.