Monday, November 11, 2013

Kickstarter - Corporia

Kickstarter for CORPORIA 

Knights in Shining Armani...Knights of the Round CONFERENCE Table.

This is a pretty unique concept, and it does have a low-end buy-in at $15 for the PDF. But upgrading to Hacker gets you into the playtest as well as additional digital rewards.


Corporia will be a limited edition, graphic novel-sized, 208-page, full color, signed & numbered hardcover, urban fantasy role-playing game set in the near future. It’s not based directly on any existing property or rules set, but if I had to compare it to other themes you might recognize, it’s what happens when you mix reincarnated Knights of the Round Table with a spoonful of Torchwood, add a pinch of cyberpunk, a dash of Joss Whedon's Angel season 5, and a sprinkling of a corporate-focused Shadowrun. If you enjoy these, you're going to love Corporia.

In the near future, corporations control the world, and Order is the rule of the day. New technologies clean the environment and raise glittering skyscrapers in outwardly utopian cities, but at the cost of personal freedoms and liberties. Humans toil in wage-slavery to powerful mega-corporations, pacified by drugs, cheap food, and free internet access. It is surely the time foretold in legend, when the Knights of the Round Table would return in the hour of mankind’s greatest need.

Yet the knights are scattered, their memories fragmented, and King Arthur nowhere to be found. Worse, the return of the knights breached the barriers of reality and opened portals to the extra-dimensional realms of Chaos. Now every day brings new horrors as magical anomalies bestow either superhuman abilities or horrible mutations on the populace, monsters lurk in alleys and underground malls, spirits return as electronic geists, and software becomes self-aware. The mega-corporations outwardly dismiss these outbreaks as effects of cosmic 'Flux' radiation (supposedly caused by the former government's meddling with the ozone layer), even while they wage secret wars to master this new energy source. Only you and your allies stand for justice in the struggle between corporate Order and magical Chaos.

Fortunately, you have powerful benefactors: Sir Lancelot (awakened as a megacorp CEO) and his allies Sir Percival, the sorceress Nimue, and the artificial intelligence known as M.E.R.L.I.N.  As a member of the Knightwatch, Lancelot’s secret special operations team, you battle magical monstrosities and augmented humans, dive into living computer networks, infiltrate rival mega-corporations, and more. The only limit is your imagination!