Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So, I got over to Pair-a-Dice Games to play the first part of the conversion of my favorite old-school module: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Now having had architectural training, I looked at the original map and thought, wow...fireplaces going up into the floor and I updated it in AutoCAD, quite a lot.

How these Floorplans aren't perfect, as I rushed them the first day I tried to run the adventure, but they're close. There should be a door between the scullery and the kitchen, and there's a bit of overlapping hatching...but not too bad.

Here's some pictures of us actually playing
My next door neightbor was at the store, and he brought his almost 5 year old over to watch!!
Before Sean and Ian actually made it inside, they waited for morning outside the walls of the garden...and we best by goblins at 4AM, the fight ended with back to back crits from Ian's halfling, and a critical hit from Sean's wizard as well!!!
The two mighty level 1 heroes stand over the poor goblins, slain before they could give insult or injury (3 crits in 2 turns will do that.)