Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gam3rCon Events (OSR & Judge Dredd Minis)

Just a heads-up San Diegans who aren't heading to San Diego Comic Con, Gam3rCon is coming up.

I will be running multiple sessions of Judge Dredd miniature games, i have a lot more new models now as well, so I will be running a bit of a different scenario. I still have to design it, but it should be interesting. I think it will be Judge Giant running a cadet through their Full Eagle Day. This will give the players a chance to see an actual hero in play; and make them have to attempt to make arrests. This will be Giant and a cadet versus a group of punks (played by me or by another player.)

As far as Roleplaying sessions; I didn't end up with DCCRPG slots, since another GM filled up all the slots for DCCRPG, but I hope I'll get a chance to play then.

Anyway, that leaves me open to running some new stuff; As part of my review cycle for Monsters & Magic, I'm going to run it at SDGC! I will be running the adventure contained with the book, since it's a new game it shouldn't be like running into Mr. Bubbles for the 10th time in Paranoia.

Secondly, Machinations of the Space Princess was released!!! FLICK YEAH!!! So I will definitely be running that!! Even if we JUST go through character creation and run the introductory adventure.
Machinations of the Space Princess is a Science-Fantasy role-playing game. That means it’s very much about style over substance, mixing science-fiction, magic and
psionics in a game world that owes much more to Metal Hurlant and Star Wars than it does to 2001 or Bova’s Grand Tour. This is a game of strangeness and fun, of space
pirates and beautiful alien princesses, of living planets and robot hordes, of blasters at noon.
This is…

Sexy, sleazy, swords and sci-fi!

A full game combining old and new school thinking, packed with GM and player advice and with simple tools for creating your own monsters, adversaries, weapons, armour, ships and alien races.