Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Event : King of Tokyo Qualifier tournament at Pair-a-Dice Games

King of Tokyo US Champion Qualifier
Saturday July 27th
Come rage all out Kaiju warfare and claim the Gen Con World Championship spot as your own!

4 Players at a time will battle it out to claim the crown. The winner from each pod will move to the next round, until finally a winner is crowned.

Each round will consist of the following rules.
1. For the tournament purpose, the basic King of Tokyo game will be used without any expansions or add-on.

2. The tournament will be held in 4 qualifiers rounds of 1 hour and 1 final round with no time limit.

The minimum size for an official King of Tokyo tournament is 4 players. Organizer can choose to add more rounds if they have more players.

2.1. Each participant must fill a player card (PC) with their first and last name. The PC will be used to keep track of the score during the tournament and to determine the seating positions.

3. Each qualifier round lasts 60 min.

At end of the 60 minutes, the game stops and players are sorted according to their Victory Points (VP).

3. Each player will receive Tournament Points (TP) according to the winning order of the game:

1st: 7 TP

2nd: 4 TP

3rd: 2 TP

4th: 1 TP

5th: 1 TP

In the event of only 1 pod, the winner of the 1st round will be determined to be the winner of the event.
Saturday - Event July 27th
Registration: 10AM
Start: 12PM
Cost: Free

Please bring your copy of the game