Monday, July 22, 2013

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

So obviously I haven't been posting much over the last 2 weeks...For good reason, I was extremely busy prepping for running 5 days of Judge Dredd well as trying to learn as much about both Monsters & Magic AND Machinations of the Space Princess.

I had planned on running a DCC Adventure or two, but I was shot down as Mario Torres had already signed up to run 4 DCC, so Chris asked me to run something else; since +Sarah Newton had sent a copy of M&M for my review and since it's such a unique system, I decided to run it at SDGC.

In further news I'm starting back at the gym, to get my 42 year old Geeky form into a more Greeky form. I will be tracking my progress by taking daily pictures of my chubby belly and hopefully transforming it back into at least a 6-pack over the next year or so.

I was busy running Judge Dredd all weekend, so I left it up the Sean and Ian to play all the new games from the independent game designers, games like Mr. Card Game and I SMASH SF. They will be posting their own perspective articles later this week.

The Judge Dredd mini games went GREAT. I ran about 25 demos over the 5 days, about 80% rated the games at Great. I had a 'Fucking Amazing',  a 'Made of Awesome', 'Awesome', '5/5' and many more, the lowest rating I had was a 'fair'; but since that person came from a WH40k demo, perhaps they like that type of play more; more power to them, as long as we're GAMING!

There were lots of great minds there. +Jesse Butler , +Matthew Rivaldi , +Stephen Newton , +Benn Williams of #stevejacksongames and many more.

If you didn't make it this year, try to make at least 1 day next year, and jump into an RPG, because we had many RPGs that just didn't take off this year.

Pictures tomorrow, I'm tired for now, and once I figure out what my Geek in Shape blog is going to be named, I'll post it.