Sunday, July 28, 2013

Insane week. Gam3rCon Photos

Well it has been an insane week. It's amazing how taking a vacation turns into twice as much work upon returning back to the regularly scheduled events. In addition, I started my Geek back in Shape blog, the Quest for 18 con

Sean and Ian are still working on their reviews so here are the photos from Gam3rCon
Here's the Training Day set-up I was running for Judge Dredd

And here's the huge set-up using the old Necromunda terrain

Richard of Evertide Games modifying cards for the upcoming Goblins: Alternate Realities

Sean and Ian playing Munchkin in the middle you see the Munchkin Level up board

Jesse Butler showing off his Short Order Heroes stuff from his Kickstarter

We're playing Dungeon Lord tournament, which Sean won and resulted in a Risk - Metal Gear Solid prize courtesy of USAopoly.


One of the 40 tables set-up, using the terrain on loan from Villainous Lair

Jesse Butler sitting there for the 40k 1000pt tournament

Ben Williams of Steve Jackson Games going over The Stars are Right.

Powerbot Dice by John White. Look for the Kickstarter in the near future.

This is the set-up I played. I won, pretty interesting game.

PowerBot Dice demo with Sean, Ian, Ramon, and John White

King of Tokyo game in progress

Ash running World of Darkness with a bunch of staffers, including Mario Torres.

Matt Rivaldi showing off some of Wiggitybang's line of games!

Overview of Day 4


Day 5 of Judge Dredd, 20+ demos over the weekend, no negative response.