Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2

Oh Yeah, Season 2 of Walking Dead is on NetFlix....suhweeeeeet.

Really makes me want to run Zombie game since it IS October now...Wish I had a copy of Outbreak Undead, I got to play it at Gam3rCon 2011, and man that was very memorable. Walking Dead does a great job of bringing the dangers of the ZomPocalypse to the TV. Now I don't NEED Outbreak Undead to play a Zombie Game, but it is a good system, especially since you can create yourself on their website. I can run a good Zombie game in basically any system, I mean I've done it in both Paranoia, and Basic Traveller.

Your Zombie Survival Plan will FAIL!

I especially liked the Traveller scenario, because I made it plausible in a hard science manner, a Viral syndrone which causes the adrenal gland to switch on. Creating superior strength and speed, while making the victims exceptionally famished so the primal nature of the individual takes over, seeking sustenance.