Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gamesmiths LLC

Hank Wook contacted me letting me know about their new project: (If you don't remember, Hank Woon was the primary writer for the Cathay Setting books for Earthdawn.)

Come check out our new company, Game Smiths LLC!

We are an indie publisher of tabletop roleplaying games and board games and have what we think is a very exciting lineup of new games in development including The N.R.G. System Core Ruleboo
k and The Saga of Dragon Star.

Visit us at where you can watch our pre-launch video, review the beautiful art we've commissioned from some of the best fantasy artists around, and join our forums to discuss and stay in the know on these products and more.

Game Smiths LLC - Forging Realms of Adventure!
 — with Hank Woon and Craig Guarisco.

Their new N.R.G. system is also in Beta Testing:

N.R.G. Core Rulebood

The N.R.G. System is your key to worlds of epic adventures, fantastic dangers, and untold treasures! Within these pages, countless realms lie at your fingertips ready to explore, as well as rules for creating a band of adventurers to seek out lost artifacts, discover forgotten tombs, or battle strange and terrible monsters. Play an elven mage who manipulates powerful arcane energies; a human bladesman whose elegant swordplay leaves his enemies in ruin; a thrall warrior who devastates opponents on the battlefield; or countless other wondrous combinations.
The lean rule system encourages strategy and is designed to keep players engaged during combat, rewarding them for clever tactics and Maneuver selections. Designing a character as he or she increases in power becomes part of the playing experience, allowing for endless customization possibilities and versatility. With the N.R.G. System, Game Masters are free to convert an existing campaign, create their own, or use one of our original remarkable settings, such as The Legends of SinbadTM or The Saga of Dragon StarTM.
The N.R.G. System core rulebook features 8 classes, equipment, and hundreds of player options for detailed customization. Join the adventure today!
After glancing through the Beta, I must say it has elements that are sort of familiar from many other systems, but as a whole, it is very interesting and refreshing. Download the beta preview and make up your own mind.