Sunday, September 30, 2012

All's Quiet on the Western Blog...

It was the boy's 13th birthday this weekend. Wow...craziness...They totally rocked the party, and the GameTruck. If you haven't tried the GameTruck, it's like a rolling LanParty. 4 large screen TVs, 4 consoles all linked to each other. Definitely fun.  But for us I think it was a one-time birthday splurge, especially when I think of what $150 (the half I paid) could have bought, how many hours of RPG Gaming? I mean $150 could have bought 3 core rulebooks, or like 6-7 supplements! But, it did get a lot their friends over for their Birthday, enough that they might be able to afford to get an XBox of their own.

Not as fun as Face to Face gaming though. There's a huge difference between running around in a first person shooter, and playing an RPG in person. In an RPG, you can see the numbers tick down for your hit points, things get more frantic as minutes stretch out, hit points dwindle and the big bad is still standing.

Regular schedule posting to resume tomorrow!