Sunday, October 21, 2012

State of the Blog, Epic

Well today I find myself with little to say, as I've been working on several rules bits the last few days; San Diego Comic Fest is happening this weekend, but with only 1000 attendees max, and no press passes, our current budgetary concerns led me to say no.

Been cleaning up my garage now that it's not 95+ in there getting the game area ready finally. We have played two games of Malifaux in there before it got too hot. I'll be running a test run of Judge Dredd Miniature Game using the 6 cadets I'm painting currently. A 3-on-3 'training' exercise. As I get more miniatures I'll expand it. I also plan on running more Warlands and Rezolution in there as well. Once the game room is fully operational, we should be wargaming every weekend.

I'm actually going to go get the Battletech Record sheets laminated at Lakeshore Learning today as well. Love that place, 29cents per foot, excellent!!

Anyone in the San Diego area interested in a HUGE force of Warhammer 40k stuff? I just need to get rid of it and make a little scratch. I know there are 11 tanks over 100 marines, etc. I also have some I-Guard and Eldar.