Thursday, October 11, 2012

Judge Dredd Kickstarter STREEEEETTTTCH

The next Kickstarter stretch goal with 41 hours to go...$80k (sorry if you don't like Kickstarter or mini games, I this is exciting to me!)

Bike MADNESS!!!!

If we can count on your support up to $80,000, we have something quite special for you all. First off, we will introduce not two, not three, but four new box sets, each featuring a biker gang so you can take to the Megways among the ground cars, mo-pads and Lawmasters, and wreck havoc at over 200 mph! We will add a Street Gang (punks and juves) on bikes, an Ape Biker Gang (okay, I admit, that is an addition made purely for myself!), Renegade Robots on Bikes and, finally, Zombies on Bikes (with Zombie Master/Mistress)!

These sets will be added as choices for Rookie, Street Judge and Wally Squad levels. The Council of Judges pledges will receive one Biker set of their choice in addition to everything else (and can still choose others as part of their box set options). Sector Chief and Chief Judge levels will automatically receive all four!

But that is not all...

We will also do the legendary biker Spikes Harvey Rotten on a Lawmaster, as featured on his trip with Dredd across the Cursed Earth. He will be added to Council of Judges, Sector Chief and Chief Judge levels.