Thursday, December 1, 2011

OMG IT'S OVER 4000!!

Hey we're over 4000 hits now, thanks for your support and understanding when there's nothing new, and I'm just rambling. This is after all a family based blog, and since schools in, we don't have quite as much time for games during the week...that being said, We do have two reviews I'll be posting in the next few weeks, the first is with Matt Rivaldi, owner of Wiggitybang Games, and the second is with Ron Kent, owner of At Ease Games. In addition to the Interviews, I'll have my Store Spotlight of At Ease Games up. We're going to be playing and reviewing the new Warlands PDF Core rules. The boys will be reviewing Killer Bunnies.

I'm looking at doing full video reviews, so I've been setting up for that, unfortunately I don't have an incredible camera, but we'll have to make due.


Happy December, it's almost 2012, I'll have to do some post-apocalyptic reviews soon.... =D