Thursday, December 1, 2011

A thought about Free MMORPGS

So, the MMORPG market has changed over the last few years with the free to play model taking over.

With the F2P model, they look to nickel and dime you, having locked down areas, classes, races and certain content which can only be unlocked with spending a "little" cash. Now, for the casual gamer who just plays occasionally, this lets you spend $20 when you want to, rather than spending $12-15/month. I have gotten the boys turbine points for DDO as presents. Some of the games give you monthly points while you're a paying player, which is good to open up stuff when you need to turn it off for a bit...say to try out a new game...

More and more games are going for the F2P model, most recent ones that I'm aware of are Age of Conan (Mature game) and City of Heroes-Freedom. Lord of the Rings Online has been free for awhile, DDO was one of the first big name games to transfer, as was Champions Online. EverQuest 2 has been F2P for a while as well.

I really like the games that you can earn points in game, such as Lord of the Rings.

If Star Wars The Old Republic was a F2P game I would totally be buying it, but with things as they are looks like I'll just play my F2P titles for awhile...In fact, I just downloaded Age of Conan today.