Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Traveller Free Trader Map

I used created a Map for the Free Trader Type A I'll be using in the "No One can Hear you Scream" scenario. I'll be printing this on 24"x36" and reusing it for various scenarios, so it's not super detailed as far as room numbers. It's designed to look like an image off a hand held computer unit. I also modified it, so the "crew commons actually has an area to eat at, and there's a head in the passenger's area...(I know there's not one in the main crew area....shhhhh. I also added a cargo elevator in the cargo hold, cuz I never figured out how they actually get cargo into a Free Trader. I made the hull double skinned as well. (note, there are access hatches to the outside in the engine room, but for some reason, they aren't airlocked...I know what I would do with a few grand if I were a Captain. Low Berths are modified to show coffin type sleeper units, rather than whatever the circles represented.

Feel Free to use this for your own TRAVELLER games. Obviously you can't sell it since it Belongs to the  TRAVELLER owners, not me.