Sunday, December 11, 2011

Martians!!! Review

Tonight I'm reviewing Martians!!! from Twilight Creations, Inc.

This is a fun game, though like Zombies, it can drag out a little bit, but if everyone is on their toes, it can be played quickly. One great thing about Martians is the ability to play in either Non-cooperative or Cooperative modes. Playing in Coop mode is great for family game night. Get together to take down the mother ship and save your town from this Big Eyed Small Mouthed MARTIANS!!!

What you get...

30 Map Tiles, 40 Event Deck Cards, 30 Martian Deck Cards, 100 martian minis (3 different poses!), 6 player minis, 2 dice, lots of life and bullet tokens. This game is for 2-6 players.

What is the scenario?

Well you're smack dab in the middle of a Martian invasion, you need to locate the stuff needed to eradicate a Martian Mothership, namely fuel, fertilizer and of course dynamite. You need to find the Mothership, which is probably in one of those crop circles out on a farm!! The only problem is the streets are crawling with Martians!!!  Fight your way to the ship.  The game plays very similar to Zombies which I got to play at Pair-a-Dice's Halloween bash.

You start by drawing a random map tile and placing it in a legal location on the board, this is where you need to be careful to not run out of spaces in the coop board, since you might not be able to place all the farms where the motherships can be, 4 farm tiles, 4 crop circle tokens, only one of which is a mother if you can't place that last tile, you can lose that way. After tile placement, you roll a die to see how many squares you can move, you fight each martian you come across while moving by rolling 4+ when you're attacking one of those aliens, if you roll too low, you'll need to use your precious bullets to add to your score, otherwise you'll lose a life. Event cards can easily help turn the tide, with extra turns, bonuses or my favorite, the fellow in robes, saying "This is not the human you are looking for." which can negate a Martian Card. If you move across a map tile with an Alien icon in the center you must draw a martian card; some of which can be downright brutal, such as the We Come in Peace card, which causes ALL players to lose one life token.

All in all it's a fun game, that takes around an hour to play.

Artwork: Using the same art style that Zombies uses, the game has nice full color artwork, which definitely let's you feel you're in the game.

Humor: You're fighting Martians, and some of the cards draw on the pop-culture references we're all familiar with, making this a fun game to enjoy while you play it.

Cost $29.99 Value: I think that considering you get 106 plastic minis, 40 tiles, and 70 cards; that this is a decently priced game and worth the value.

Replay: We haven't gotten to play this a lot, so I'm not sure what the total replay value will be, I know that with two play modes it will easily be more playable than a normal non-coop game.

Family Rating 13+ Some of the cards have some pretty graphic pix on them, including a shotgun hole though a Martian's head....

Overall Rating: Epic!!!!