Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gaming Inspiration - Pulp

Doing Pulp games sometimes requires inspiration from other sources. Especially Pulp Sci-fi, so here are some cool ideas that never came to fruition in the real world. One of the great things about playing a pulp game is creating scenarios with future tech in a retro scene. Checking out the old Popular Science mags on google is a good source, as is looking at old National Geographics magazines (either on the disks you can get at the store, or in the reference section of your library.) I remember going to the library and actually looking at the original article of the discovery of Macchu Picchu...amazing to read the articles and imagine how exciting that was in 1912...

Here's some other cool inspiration:

Cool Rail Zeppelin from 1929.


Neat 3D concept bikes.

Retro Futurism