Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time Flies - Massive Update

With everything going on, time can easily lip by these days, and an entire week can go without a post. Trust me plenty has been happening. 

In RPG Superstar news the Top32 was announced...I wasn't one of them; however considering I re-submitted a very minorly tweaked item from a previous year, I'm not heart broken about it, not to mention the Earthdawn development work I'm doing, not sure I would have had enough time for RPGSS2014 beyond the first round anyway.

Earthdawn Kickstarter has crested 40k. This does mean a free GM Screen for all the physical backers I believe.

Here's Update #8
Josh here. Sorry about the silence the last couple of days, but we have all been rather busy, so apologies for that.
We have achieved our $40k stretch goal! Every backer who has pledged for a physical book (softcover or hardcover, Player's or GM's Guide) will receive a FREE GM Screen. We're trying to work out exactly what shape it will take, but right now it's looking like it will be a three-panel cardstock screen, with color art and useful tables, along with a booklet that has higher-Circle versions of the sample characters from the Player's Guide, giving gamemasters a leg up on pre-made adept opposition to throw at their players!
A clarification on the stretch goal books: As of right now, they will only be available in softcover. The stretch goal chart on the main page has been corrected. There was an internal miscommunication, so I apologize for that.
And now a word about book size. We have taken the comments and feedback on the size question and spent the last several days getting quotes and talking back and forth about the pros and cons of each.
In the end, we have decided to stay with the digest size book. It wasn't an easy decision, and we understand that some people won't be thrilled, but there is some good news that comes out of these discussions.
We are seriously looking at bumping up the production values -- full color is still out of the picture, but it looks like adding a few full-color insert pages is likely (as of this writing we're still waiting for a quote back from our printer). Whether this will simply be added in, or be unlocked as an additional stretch goal, depends on what comes back on that. (So watch this space!)
People have also been asking about previews of the art for the new edition -- especially the covers. As soon as we have something to share on that front, we will do so.
If you're interested at all in some of the previews I've posted over about the new edition, they are linked on the front page, but here they are in case you don't want to go digging for them. Previews are posted weekly (usually going up on Friday) over at (and blogs about the other stuff we have in development can be found over there as well).
Once again, I would like to thank everybody who has supported us so far, it is greatly appreciated. We've got just a little bit over two weeks left to go, and while the initial surge has dropped off, we are still climbing a little bit higher every day. Please, help spread the word about the campaign, and help push us closer to those higher stretch goals.

In Judge Dredd Miniatures news, The new Judges of the World box set is available. This one is quite a deal. $45 for 8 Judges of the World, these normally run $7.50 each, so that's $60 if you bought them individually!

I started a new G+ Community for Malifaux, Malifaux - San Diego. I'm hoping to get a lot of overflow from SoCal Malifaux from the people still playing Malifaux. I also picked up more Malifaux minis, they are assembled and primed, waiting for my white top-down coat I like to do. I'm also trying a necrotic flesh color for some of the minis for the prime.

Well last bit of news, For the WELCOME TO NIGHTVALE fans, we are heading to the show tomorrow night here in San Diego. IT'S STILL not SOLD OUT!!!