Saturday, January 11, 2014

Earthdawn Appreciation Day 2014..approaches

So Earthdawn Appreciation Day 2014 is approaching (about 5 months off), this year I'd love to have 3-4 times as many entries.

Now there's a lot of things going on with Earthdawn if you have been out of the loop. 4th edition is being created, not as a revised 3rd edition; but as a new 4th edition, with some new tweaks. I'm lucky enough to be on the design team.

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What Earthdawn needs is a new group of players, gamemasters,  and supporters. Earthdawn needs convention support, and for that we need adventures.

I'm thinking short 1st circle adventures, designed to be around 2 hours long in play. In other words, around 3 encounters; one easy, one medium, and one challenging. These linked encounters should showcase the versatility of the system.

Now, that's a design contest, and, I do still want the Appreciation for Earthdawn to shine, so there SHOULD still be a prize for best non-adventure design.

If you have comments or ideas for the Appreciation Day, let me know. Keep in mind, I am not representing FASAGames for this, I am just another fan of Earthdawn, who wants to see it thrive. This is my baby.

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