Sunday, January 5, 2014

At Ease Games! New Location!

(AND 700th post for the blog.)

Yesterday saw the opening of AT EASE GAMES new location. A massively expanded store, 4,789 square feet of store.
New Storefront, Looks pretty good, visible from a good distance as well.

I think this pictures covers more square footage than the old store.

RPGs!!! Yes please

More RPGs

Star Wars XWing and Star Trek Attack Wing  Miniatures

Board Games

Some new FFG games...DISK WARS IS BACK!!!!

Used/Clearance items

OGRE!!! 7 copies!! Nice

Partial Overview of the Store


Large counter for all your Magic Needs

5 Tables for Role-playing on a hard-wood floor, with nice nice chairs.

Overview of the terrain

More games


Warhammer / Warhammer 40K

40k game in progress

Overview of the Entire Store

Frag 3D? Yup, I'm working on some rules.