Sunday, January 5, 2014

RPG SuperdooperStar - Goblin Noseberry Pouch

So my wife and I were discussing some of the RPG Superstar know the ridiculous ones that are

and I came up with this joke item.

Goblin Noseberry Pouch
The Goblin Noseberry Pouch lets a goblin, or any other race that can pass a Fortitude save vs. nausea (DC15), to pull a slimy green berry from the pouch and eat it to restore 1d8+5 hit points. The least pouch may only be used once per day, a Lesser pouch may be used 3 times per day, while a Greater pouch may be used 5 times per day.

(I'm not going to do the entire process because it's a joke item, needless to say it uses goodberry as the spell requirement, and it must be created by a goblin)