Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2014, I guess the Mayans are still wrong, a year and handful of days later. 2013 has been an interesting year, with lots of fun gaming to be had, lots of Cons, and amazing new games.

Highlights of the year include:
The DCC RPG World Tour, the Phenomenal Numenera Kickstarter, the 18 pound OGRE fulfilment, and the fractious Malifaux 2E, which gutted the SoCal Malifaux group. The Strange kickstarter grew out of Monte Cook's success with Numenera and produced a 400k + Kickstarter.

We went to lots of amazing cons, Gateway, Kingdom Con, Gam3rCon, Anime Conji, and the many mini cons as well. This has been one of my best years for gaming. I've gotten to try out lots of new games, found some great deals on used games at Pair-a-Dice, Gateway, and At Ease Games.

The biggest break for me was into the industry. In February, I was given the opportunity to write for Interface Zero 2.0, I jumped at the opportunity. Although with so many revisions, I don't even know how much of my new content made it into the core book; although I know most of the rest will land in the Malmart catalog. The book was released t Kickstarters in PDF format on Christmas Day. In five days, I'll be submitting my stuff for the Sinbad Adventures book. And of course, I was rewarded with my open call to Earthdawn.

My most recent foray into Mini games is XWing, man that's a fun game. Still learning some rules, watched the boys play yesterday and was remembering some rules I had read and either forgotten or misinterpreted...the most important of those was the overlapping rules...I had misinterpreted the rule as if overlap at all, instead of final position. The rangeband 1 and 3 modifiers I had forgotten as well.

2014 is another 365 days of gaming opportunity! So get out there and game!