Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paranoia! at Gam3Day

Man, Gam3Day was fun yesterday! I introduced 3 new people to the insanity that is Paranoia yesterday. 4 hour play session.  Here's the outline I used, of course I filled it in as we played, but generally, all you need for Paranoia, is a partial understanding of the rules, imagination, a sense of humor and a want to entertain people while killing their characters. I never play ZAP style cuz it's just too silly, and won't last 4 hours, Classic seems to work well with casualties running 2+. This game I had 1 TPK when the Equipment officer decided to inspect the R&D items, including the MTN. (A micro TacNuke with a deadman's trigger...still trying to work a workable trigger in with the tiny package...). Great thing about Paranoia is everyone just circles the next clone, gathers their gear, and proceeds...I'm actually working on some props for PDCs...which I will of course post on the blog for free use once I'm done, I will have several versions, the printer friendly version which will just be outlined, a colorized version, perfect for taking to Staples and Printing, and the Full Color Complex version which will actually have an opening in it, so you can "send messages to the PDC (by removing the last one!!!). Props are a wonderful way to make Paranoia MORE FUN!

Just Another Day in Alpha Complex
 Mission Alert!
You’ve been called to glorious duty for the computer! Proceed to briefing room
  Briefing at DTH-666/1
 Blue citizen, BTHREE-B-ALL-4, sits at the Conference table staring at his iPDC-1300 completely oblivious to you. He’s decked out in Vulture Squad heavy armor and has a Cone Rifle sitting on the table. Once you get his attention, he tosses the Mission assignment to the Team Leader, And goes back to playing "Happy Birds"
Cross the Bridge of DTH sector
(Sanity Test to cross)
  1. What is your mission 2.What is your Favorite Color 3.What is pi? 3alt: What is the average air speed velocity of a swallow?
Proceed to PLC. HUGE LINE for RED, IR line is short. The IR Line leads to an Infrared Market where the trouble shooters have to barter for the items, and eventually end up with six Dozen cases of B3 Lemony-Lime Throwback.
 Running to R&D you cross an open doorway, with a Dozen Infrareds dressed in furry hats having a dance class at the head of the class is an Orange citizen. This is a computer sanctioned play rehearsal for an anti-commie movie, however if the players report the group, they will get a message from a Computer Phreak in IS. Saying “k1LL t3h K0mmi3z!” The message will mysteriously be erased from the characters PDCs a few minutes later.
 R&D FUN! (Use the Giant doors and the broken squawk box for comedic effect)
 Ride a Transbot from DTH sector to DUH sector…Ride in an Elevator down from Landing platform. Both these rides will suffer from mandatory power saving measures resulting in darkness.)
 Proceed to Cafeteria DUH-GVS-ID-10T …a green Vulture Squad cafeteria with a 6” wide access stripe along the edge of one wall and all the tables pushed up to the same wall. Note: The bots may also be accessed via the DUH-RC-ID-11t cafeteria.
Did you succeed? Yes, Good Job
Did you fail, “Say Hello to my little friend, Team Leader!” BOOM.
Mission BriefProceed to PLC Outfitters to receive the following assigned gear:
2 RED Laser Barrels each,
1 ea. MBD Equipment as required for mission
2 backstage passes to the Teela-O-MLY filming of “The Good, The Bad and the Terminated”,
6 cases B3-Lemon-Lime Throwback.
1 Access Pass to Sanctuary and Ankh.
1 Dozen Cases Commie Propaganda Pamphlets.
 Proceed to R&D Room BADA-B00m.
Contact: Killin-B-ALL-4. Thank you for volunteering to test new R&D equipment.
 Contact your Service Groups for additional opportunities.
 Locate  Cafeteria DUH-GVS-ID-10TRefill Vend-O-Bot 9000, with assigned B3 beverage by 1759!
 Report for Debriefing.

Secret Society Missions:

Team Leader, success on this mission is not an option. The briefing officer is a known FCCC-P agent, make things uncomfortable for him, by not giving him what he wants.
Frankenstein Destroyer
Sabotage the VendBot you’ve been assigned to fill. Those bots are ruining this complex it’s like the run the whole Complex. Crush, Kill, Destroy!
Failure of this mission is not an option, you should have been team leader, but the computer in its infinite wisdom chose you as HO, A Clean team is a Mean team! The Briefing officer is an FCCC-P Officer, serve him, serve the computer!
“The computer was programmed for our sins, through the computer our sins are forgiven.”
Recruit the other troubleshooters into Romantics. We need some hip new members! We’ll pull some strings and get you promoted if you can sway the entire team.
Death Leopard
Put some of these B3 grenades into the vend-bot. (you’re given a package that has two six-packs of B3 Orange Lite.)
Sierra Club
Attached you will find some stickers of flowers, we’re pretty sure they’re flowers, make sure these get onto every B3 can that goes into the vend-bot
Free Enterprise
Put these ‘win a cool new Transbot’ stickers on each can of B3 inserted into the Vend-bot. Here’s 500 credits to make the others look the other way. Don-G-VNI says you’ve got potential, keep it up kiddo!
Computer Freaks
Run the cash leech virus on the Vend-bot, send .1% of all sales directly to our bank accounts in CRB sector.