Saturday, September 1, 2012

RPG News you can Peruse - City of Heroes

Well it is with a heavy nostalgic heart that I bring some sad MMORPG news. City of Heroes will cease to be before the end of the year, so if you want to strap on your cape one last time before it's gone you better do it soon. I think their freeplay model was flawed, I know when I logged on for free play that it was effectively so limited I didn't even want to try. Other free-to-play models have worked, and worked well, when they work they bring in additional players for the paying players to group with, without a community to support it, a game will fail. I played CoH for 3 years, when I trimmed the fat of paying games, City of Heroes was the one game I kept up, until I had to stop payment on all games due to the rough economic times. (AKA, losing my job several times in 3 years).

Farewell Paragon City, your memory shall live on.