Thursday, September 13, 2012

400th post

Time flies when you do what you know and what you love.

This blog started as a down-time thing to do while my wife was up in Canada for medical reasons. I love doing the blog, reviewing games, (though sometimes a supplement comes in without a good reference point which leaves me a bit off-balance.)

The boys turn 13 at the end of the month, I started the blog when they were 11! Craziness.

I'm working on some projects as you know. I'm making the Moderne Worlds of 2039 RPG (Legends) which will be a free RPG, released as a PDF of course, print versions would of course have a cost. I will need artists as I'm a decent artist, I'm not a great artist, I'll be able to contribute conceptually, and perhaps a paper mini series later, and buildings. I try to do something on it every few days.

I have dozens of ideas floating around in my head. I have at least 4 board games, and 3 RPGs rolling around in my skull, in addition to several amazing ideas for supplements, I just need time and money to make some of these ideas reality.

So help support the blog, click on links, buy stuff from DriveThru RPG, I'll get a donate button up soon.... =D

Here's to another 400 posts and an ever increasing presence in the San Diego game community and the Overall gaming community in general.