Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Highwayman (Rogue Archetype)

After reading through Ultimate Combat, I realized there was no blackpowder rogue, the Highwayman is the perfect archetype to create for this concept. While the Firearms and Grit Talents give access to the use of firearms, there's no way to start a rogue as a blackpowder user. Thus is born the Highwayman.

The lone figure on the road, the robber at the end of the barrel, the highwayman uses his glib tongue to relieve his victims of their valuables.

Skills:  Ride (Dex) is a class skill for Highwaymen. 

Pistols: At 1st level, The Highwayman is proficient in one-handed firearms. And begins play with a battered pistol similar to a gunslinger’s. This replaces trapfinding and counts as the required Firearms talent for the grit rogue talent.  

Grit: A highwayman must choose the Grit rogue talent at 2nd level. A Highwayman's grit is determined by Charisma.

Stand and Deliver: At 3rd, the Highwayman gains the following deed. This replaces trapsense.

Stand and Deliver (ex): While the Highwayman has at least 1 grit point, he gains the following benefits. First, he gains a +2 bonus on intimidate and diplomacy checks.  Second, he may as though he possessed the Snap Shot rogue talent.

Rogue Talents:  The following rogue talents complement the highwayman archetype: CamouflageAPG, Canny ObserverAPG, Coax InformationAPG, Surprise Attack, Strong ImpressionAPG, Terrain MasteryUC, UnderhandedUC.

Advanced Rogue Talents: The following advanced rogue talents complement the highwayman archetype: Another DayAPG, Hide in Plain SightUC, Skill Mastery.

Edit: removed loss of Disable Device.