Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore ASSEMBLE!!!

The miniatures are pretty nice, they are simple to assemble, as the individual pieces have specific slotting system, so it's easy to figure out what pieces go where. This is actually pretty important, since there's no assembly handbook. The dragon is a sculptural piece and definitely needs adult assembly. I had to use clamps to hold the legs to the stand while the glue dried, I needed more hands to be able to use the insta set on the dragon, so the clamps were an easier solution.

Note: This is not a snap-tite kit, while some pieces fit wonderfully, most need to be glued. So parental assistance it needed, in addition experience with miniatures will definitely help.

Epic Sean preparing to assemble a REX!

So the Rex figures went together pretty easy, they needed a little bit of glue, but not too bad.

REX!!! Seeing double.

Dragon, dragon...he needed a bit more glue.

Kobolds!!! Assemble

Many of the kobolds require lots of glue, some assembly required...well maybe a lot.

Making progress...

Next day...more assembly

Here are the characters

Now it's coming together, after priming, the rest will be assembled.

This stuff will definitely help. The insta-set is of particular use since the plastic type used in these miniatures is one of the plastics which doesn't bond easily. The cutter for removing flash and the clamp for helping keep the dragon together during assembly.


I have finished priming and assembling everything, here's the photos of them. All-in-all it took about 4 hours to assemble.